Industrial Projects

Four seasons Ltd, Daund, Pune
Architect : Intech Interior Services, Mumbai
Year : 2008 – 2009.
Area : 125,000 sq.ft
Salient Features:
  • It is the largest capacity winery in Asia setup by United Breweries & Spirits in Baramti and chairman Mr. Vijay Mallaya is especially proud of the fact
  • It consist of the line production and champagne facility along with five star facilities such as suites , dinning areas , wine tasting areas swimming pool , lake area , helipad facilities, health spa and development work covering 300 acres internally and beautiful forests around it.
  • It is designed essentially to promote and create wine tourism as it exist abroad . The design is essentially a French chateau with intricate elevation and architectural features to resemble a by gone French castle with all the element of todays classy finishes.