Medical & Pharma Company Projects

Serum Biotech Pvt. Ltd. - Animal House

Serum Institute of India Limited

Architect : Serum Institute of India Limited
Year : 2016-2017
Area : 2,10,000 Sq Ft.
Salient Features:
  • It is the largest animal house building in Serum Institute Manjari campus         for Vaccine manufacturing for their export orders.
  • It consist of production facility for various animal based serums & has four floors of 8.4mtr. height
  • It is a RCC building with P.T. slabs of 300mm thickness & 9mtr. spans with         live loads of 3.5 Tons/mtr. square
  • It is constructed in M 50 concrete designed by us and each slab consisted       of 4 pours of 220 mtr. cube to 260 mtr. cube which were cpmpleted in 8 hours of concrete pouring