Bharucha Building Products

Factory Manufactured Cement – Ash bricks ( Bharucha Bricks) Heavy Duty Pavers in M40 & M50 grade of concrete
We have set up completely automatic factory along with automatic batching system with the best technology available from Columbia, USA to manufacture the best quality bricks using weaste material like fly ash with green and sustainable technology to replace mud bricks and do away with old manual methods of manufacturing poor quality bricks. This bloks are use for green rating of buildings with Indian green building counsil.

The advantages are listed below.

Sr.No Test Bharucha Bricks Burnt Clay Bricks
Actual Test Actual Test
1 Compressive Strength 7 to 9 N/Mm2 0.3 to 0.5 N/Mm2
2 Water Absorption 2 to 3 % >23% by weight
3 Efflorescence Nil Moderate to extreme

These bricks are made in exact size of 230 x 110 mm x 75 mm & 230mm x 150 mm x 75 mm these results in less quantity of mortar requirement for brick work and plaster when compared to conventional brick. The strength is much greater than conventional which result in better quality constructions and a better product., giving rise to cost effective construction

Comparison of Bharucha Bricks and conventional clay bricks

Particulars Bharucha Bricks Clay Bricks
Size of Bricks 230 x 150 x 75
230 x 110 x 75
210 x 135 x 70
210 x 90 x 55
Wastage 1.5 to 2% Minimum 15 %
Saving of Plaster 15 to 20 % Nil
Saving in Mortar for Brick work 7 to 10 % Nil

Moreover we will give you an assured and reliable supply of bricks in any seasons 365 days of the year with consistent quality

It is our responsibility and duty as pioneers in quality products to ensure our valuable clients get assured quality and quantity of bricks to construct better quality buildings for your clients.