Machinery And Other Equipment  

Crushing Plant 300 TPH

01 no.  
Dumpers and Trucks 26nos.
Hydraulic Excavator (HITACHI) 05nos.
Escort JCB Excavator cum Loader 03 nos.
Generators (120 KVA and 500 KVA) 03 nos.
Bulldozers 02 nos.
Mini Batching Plant 01 no.
Concrete Pump 01 no.
TremixMachine(vacuumde-watering of Concrete) 01 no.  
Concrete Mixers 10nos.(10x7cpty.)
Lime Mortar Mill 02 nos.
Tower Hoists & Power Cranes 06nos.(1toncpty.)
Needle Vibrators 24 nos
Shuttering Vibrators 03 nos.
Pan Vibrators 08 nos.
Screed Board Vibrators HochteiffA.G.
Welding Transformer 08 no.
De-watering Pumps 01 no.
Pre-Stressing equipment 04 sets
Grout Pumps 04 no.
Theodolite 12nos.
Modern Tilting Levels and Dumpy Levels 18nos.
Acrow Steel Props 13000nos.
Acrow Clamps 1200 nos.
Acrow Steel Floor Centers 1200 nos.
Acrow Column Clamps 175 nos.
Acrow Wallform Shuttering: 12000 Sq.Ft.
Special Channel Soldiers 36 nos.
Wallform Panels including int. Corner panels, double adjustment panels 82 nos.
Adjustable Column Shuttering 32 nos.
Acrow Scaffolding "U" Frames 1500 nos.
Steel Centering Plates 7000nos.(42000Sq.R.)
Bracing Pipes 8000 nos.
5 Ton capacity Winch 1no.